Anki Lyrics / Poetry Cloze Generator is a Python script to help you memorize poetry and song lyrics with Anki.

I've found the best way to learn verbatim texts like these using Anki is to create overlapping cloze deletions (e.g., display lines 1 and 2 and ask for line 3, then display lines 2 and 3 and ask for line 4, and so on). There is no easy way to do this with stock Anki: you either have to make all of the cards manually or display the text both before and after the clozed line (which provides more context than you will ever have when trying to recite/sing the text).

LPCG solves the problem: you edit the poem or song in a text file using software like Notepad, TextEdit, or vim, then run the LPCG script to generate the cloze cards and import them into Anki. You can update the text later by modifying the original file and rerunning the script.

As a standalone command-line script, LPCG might be a bit unfamiliar for some users (Linux folks will feel right at home), but if you go through the README, it should be easy enough to pick up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, using the option on this site or the information in the Support section of the readme.

You can download the latest version of LPCG direct from GitHub or go to the GitHub page to have a look at the code, report bugs or suggest features on the issue tracker, and submit pull requests (if you so desire).

LPCG is released under the GNU GPL.