Conversations with Soren

...Yep, he sells replacement noses. Like if your nose gets bit off, you can just put a replacement nose on.

—Conversations with Soren 2

Conversations with Soren was a series of recorded interviews my dad and I did when I was five or six years old. They're mostly about imaginary things I made up and are extremely entertaining to listen to. Each conversation is about twenty minutes long, but I've clipped out the interesting bits from each; the clipped versions are about five minutes each.

...Yeah, it doesn't know stuff...that I don't know. Like what's one thousand plus ninety-seven or something.

—Conversations with Soren 1

Conversations with Soren 1 discusses sevens (an alternative type of brain) and Soren's trip to a Fairfield Inn.

Conversations with Soren 2 discusses otters, Otter City (an island in the middle of Lake Michigan where otters live), and replacement noses.

Conversations with Soren 3 discusses a real book (The Trumpet of the Swan), nose language, and merging cars.