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NAO RC Update Script

The script has been updated; if you have the old version, it will no longer work because of changes in the authentication system. You can update your existing version by adding '?ba=1' (without the quotes) to the end of the URL on line 81.

I keep ten or so accounts on for various purposes and to play multiple games at once, so as I added some of the accounts, I found that keeping my configuration (RC) files in sync became a nightmare. Fortunately, NAO has a web RC editor and viewer, which means it can be hacked to accept input from a script.

This is a Bash script (which means you need bash to run it—duh) that was designed for Linux. It will probably work on a Mac with some minor edits. (For example, I use wget and I hear that OSX doesn't have it, and I don't recall that OSX uses the /tmp directory either?)  It'll probably work through Cygwin on Windows too, provided you have curl and wget. If you edit the script for OSX or get it working on Windows, let me know.

To configure the script for your accounts, open it up and follow the directions at the top of the file. Afterwards you can update your configuration file by running the script, editing the file that opens (the script respects $EDITOR), then quitting the editor; the script will automatically upload the updated configuration to all your accounts.

You might even find this script useful if you only have one account if you just prefer this way of doing things. If so, just delete all the configuration lines except the [0] ones and everything should work.

This script is released under the MIT/X11 license (included in the header of the file).

Download (version 2; see beginning of this section for update information)


You can download Interhack from me here. This is a mirror of the official page (the domain does not exist, but it's supposed to be at

Interhack is a program that adds a few layers of interface enhancements and such to NetHack. The official website has been down for over a year, so I'm not hopeful about it working again. I have not modified this tarball from what was originally available there, but it is provided as-is, and I am not responsible for anything that might happen to your system as a result of using it, nor will I provide any support for it. I do not, in fact, have anything to do with the program except for using it occasionally; I just happened to have the tarball handy when the site went down, so I'm making it available.

You'll need to be comfortable with Perl hacking (or asking for help on IRC) to get Interhack working. It only works on *nix systems, although there have been reports of people using Cygwin to make it work on Windows.

Marvin/Mrivan TTYRECs

See my Instructional TTYRECs page.


"YAFM" is short for "Yet Another Funny Message" and refers to any unusual message or combination of messages that you get in NetHack. Some are unintentional, but many were purposefully inserted by the DevTeam--often for things you would hardly ever see in a normal game, and frequently taking the place of boring messages. For instance, when taking off a blindfold while already blind, many games would just give the message "You take off a blindfold," but NetHack has a specific message exactly intended for the situation: "You remove your blindfold. You still cannot see." Or, one of my personal favorites, applying a bullwhip downwards while levitating with a horse corpse at your feet will give the message "Why beat a dead horse?"

This recording, about 45 minutes long, is a series of YAFMs generated in wizard (debug) mode for your enjoyment. It has an annoying bug that seems to occur on some of my ttyrecs where my terminal size is improperly detected; please set your terminal size to 80x24, or if using Jettyplay choose View --> Terminal Size --> 80x24.

Download Session 1

Gender Identity and Roleplay in NetHack (survey results)

A project I did for a statistics class.