Two Shortcuts for Working with Files

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Ever opened up a really, really long list of folders and hunted through the list trying to find a folder or file? Or maybe the same thing happened on your desktop--you know the name of what you're looking for, but you can't see it. Here's a better way.

Tip 1: Jump to a File or Folder by Typing its Name
This trick is so simple you'll probably be surprised you never knew about it. If you know the name of a file or folder located in the folder you're currently browsing, but you can't see it, simply click once on any file or folder you can see, then start typing the name of the folder. You'll be moved to the folder as you type. (Don't stop typing for more than a second or so, or the search will start over.)
This works in a File --> Open dialog box, in a Windows Explorer/Finder/Nautilus window, or on your desktop, in all operating systems.
Tip 2: Rename a File Quickly
Renaming a file can be a little bit annoying sometimes, especially if you have to rename quite a few files. You can right-click it and choose Rename, or you can click twice slowly on the name of the file. Either way, the process requires some clicking, and if you're renaming a bunch of files you have to keep switching between the keyboard and the mouse.
Instead, just select the file and press F2.
Soren "scorchgeek" Bjornstad
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