Searching Google for Only a Specific Site

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Ever been to a really poorly-designed website? I've certainly seen a few. And what's worse than a poorly-designed website? A poorly-designed website without a search box.
Fortunately, you can get around this fairly easily using a surprisingly little-known trick on Google. Just start your query with (You must not put a space between the site: and the domain of the website, or it won't work.) Try it out--here's an example search.

This can also come in handy if the website does have a search box, but just doesn't have a good one. I also use it routinely when I read a news article, then want to show it to someone else. If I know what site I found it on (say, Slashdot or the New York Times website), I can easily get back to the article by searching this way, whereas if I go to the site and try to browse for it, it's likely to be buried or even completely gone if I go back a day later.

Soren "scorchgeek" Bjornstad

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