YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

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You probably know that you can press Escape to exit full-screen mode (after all, YouTube does smash you over the head with an alert saying exactly that every time you make a video full-screen), but I bet you didn't know you can control video playback with other letters.

You need to have focus on the Flash applet before you can use any of these shortcuts. (Just click on the video or any of the playback buttons to change the focus.)

  • f: Go full-screen. You can return to normal with Escape, as usual.
  • k: Pause or resume video playback.
  • j and l (or left/right arrow): Seek backwards/forwards 10 seconds.
  • Home and End: Seek to the beginning/end of the video. You can use Home to replay the video if you get to the end.
  • 0–9: Seek to 0–90% through the video.
  • Up and Down arrow keys: Change the volume.
  • m: (Un)mute audio.
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I was inspired to write this article by accidentally typing 'f' in YouTube and noticing that it did something.