An Introduction

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This newsletter will provide some sort of computer tip, information about computers, or other computer-related topic about every week. I had originally intended to send the text directly as an email, but then I had a problem. I wanted to provide a way for people to ask questions and make comments, but doing so would require me turning the group into a mailing list, which would create a large volume of email that many people wouldn't care about or know what to do with. So I reconsidered and decided to post the actual text on a blog.

Every week, provided you're subscribed to the newsletter, I'll send out an email containing the title of the week's tip and the quick introduction/description line. (You can subscribe from the sidebar of this blog if you aren't already.) I'll then provide a link to the actual post on the blog. When you're done reading, if you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to add a comment at the bottom (you don't have to register to do so). I think that having a way to answer questions about anything I wasn't clear enough about or forgot to cover in the article will make the newsletter a lot better. If you make a good point, I might modify the original text so that it's better for anyone who stumbles across it in the future.

I like to include screenshots in my tips where they help people figure out what I'm talking about. For instance, interested in the program I write these tips in? If you're not already, let me tell you that I've had multiple people accuse me of "breaking the computer" when they see me using this software on a public system. (If you're still curious after seeing the screenshot, I plan to cover this program in a future article.)

You can browse or search the archives of previous tips anytime like you could any blog.

As always, comments/questions welcome, and how about you go read the first tip?