Zooming In and Out In a Zoom

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Ever tried to make a picture, Word document, or web page display bigger or smaller? You probably found it was an exercise in frustration because you kept having to find the zoom options when you didn't get the amount quite right--but that's because you didn't know about this tip. Here are two ways to quickly zoom in and out that work in nearly every program that supports zooming.

Method 1: Using The Mouse
Hold down the Ctrl key, then turn your mouse wheel away from you to zoom in or towards you to zoom out.

Method 2: Using The Keyboard

  • To zoom in, press Ctrl-+.
  • To zoom out, press Ctrl- - (Ctrl plus a hyphen).
  • To return to 100% zoom, press Ctrl-0.

Soren "scorchgeek" Bjornstad

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