This is a static archive of my technology writings on The Technical Geekery. I wrote actively on this site from 2011 to 2014, and it was also the home of archived posts from a blog and some newsletters that I published before that.

The spiritual successor to The Technical Geekery's technology posts is Control-Alt-Backspace, which is actively updated every week.

See About for details about The Technical Geekery and what you can find here. My apologies when (not if) you encounter broken links; there are far too many links to go through and correct or mark all of them. I tried to identify and correct the worst offenders as I created the archive, but since much of the content is over 10 years old and the site has moved blogging platforms several times, there are going to be some.

Recent posts

Tips & Tricks for Filling Out Forms

6 minute read

Ever had to fill out a form like this one? A lot of people waste large amounts of time working with forms because they don't know a few simple shortcuts (nam...

Six Handy Browser Shortcuts

1 minute read

Want to know a quick way to scroll down the page without the mouse? Or reopen a tab you closed by mistake? Here are six ways to move around your browser more...

What The Heck Does That Key Do?

6 minute read

You know what keys I'm talking about. The ones that say things like Scroll Lock, Break, and SysRq. When was the last time you pressed one of those keys? Here...

Zooming In and Out In a Zoom

less than 1 minute read

Ever tried to make a picture, Word document, or web page display bigger or smaller? You probably found it was an exercise in frustration because you kept hav...

Slashes and Backslashes, Oh My

3 minute read

Slashes and backslashes can be difficult to tell apart--they look pretty similar, and to make matters worse they're both used in describing the location of a...

Big, Important Keyboard Shortcuts

3 minute read

This article isn't just about big, important shortcuts; it's about Big, Important ones. Unfortunately, I can't make that clear in the title. But anyway, if y...

Finding Text on a Web Page Quickly

7 minute read

Chances aren't bad you already know the basics of this trick, but if you don't, it could save you a heck of a lot of time. If you already know the trick, I h...

An Introduction

1 minute read

This newsletter will provide some sort of computer tip, information about computers, or other computer-related topic about every week. I had originally inten...